Advanced Clinical / Sports Massage / Myofascial Release

Helen  Mills dip BTEC 6  A.C.S.M.T. (Jing Institute) MCHP is a qualified Advanced Clinical & Sports  Massage Health Care Practitioner.   Clinical Massage incorporates, remedial, soft and deep tissue work, myofascial release, trigger point work and relaxation of course!  Sports Massage incorporates swedish massage combined with advanced techniques including soft tissue release, PNF and AIS stretching.  Helen is skilled in orthopaedic and postural assessments to evaluate cause of pain also taking into account the biopsychosocial model to determine a course of treatment.  A rehabilitation programme of stretches and exercises may be given to aid recovery from injury.   Helen demonstrates extremely  high levels of cleanliness and sanitisation in her comfortable Clinic in Banstead, Surrey.  Helen also provides 1-1, small and corporate group wellness and self-care sessions by video conference.

Muscular pain is usually a result of injury, bad posture, strain, or a symptom of illness.  Helen’s aim is to relieve pain symptoms within 1-6 weekly treatments, by assessing and treating the cause.   If no change is seen by the 3rd session, your treatment plan will be re-assessed.

Massage can be helpful for the following conditions:-

  • RSI’s and carpel tunnel
  • tennis elbow/golfers elbow
  • chronic neck pain including whiplash
  • frozen shoulder
  • sprains and strains
  • sporting injuries
  • migraines, TMJ, face and jaw pain
  • arthritis (pain management)
  • lower back pain including curvature of the spine
  • sciatica
  • leg knee and foot pain
  • hip or pelvis pain
  • (pre and post knee and hip replacement)

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain or just mild aches and pains from everyday life, book an  Advanced Clinical Massage.

Techniques used:-

Trigger Point Therapy – deactivating trigger points – tense bands of tissue in muscles and tendons that are tender on pressure and cause pain or referred pain.

Myofascial Release – restores mobility in the tough connective tissue (fascia) that runs throughout our bodies, and softens where tissues have become rigid, from injury or post surgery.  Myofascial techniques are used to release deep and superficial scar tissue, as well as working on structural integration in restoring body mechanics.

In the words of John F Barnes – ‘Patients are referred to the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers from all over the world when traditional therapy, medication, or surgery has failed to produce the desired results. Myofascial Release has exploded on the therapeutic scene with an unprecedented impact and is considered the most effective form of therapy in the history of healthcare!’

Soft Tissue ReleaseTable Techniques and  Sports Stretching – techniques used in stretching soft tissue.

Neural Mobilisation, Functional Movement and Applied Movement Neurology – releases nerve pain, improves body mechanics and movement, balance and proprioception. 

Taping and Strapping  –Taping  assists pain relief, lymphatic drainage, bruising and muscle support.  It is an extremely helpful aid to athletes.                

After a full consultation your clinic appointment will include a postural and movement assessment and treatment (75 mins).  Aftercare advice and relevant exercises/stretches will be sent to you after the session.           £95.00

Following appointments  (60 mins) £75.00

Book a course of 6 for a discounted price of   £420.00

Helen does not diagnose, or prescribe drugs, and if you have a serious medical condition, or you suspect you might have,  you may be advised to seek your doctor’s advice for diagnosis.

As well as working on pain issues Helen’s treatments are also relaxing physically and mentally and may include Aromatherapy oils.